Evil Walking

Cloned for Reward series

Volume two:


Steven Lewis UK


Devastation, death and serious injury was the reward that Delta security received after rescuing Susannah Kavanagh. To Dave and the other team members, their successful retrieval of Susannah was the main priority, their goal their aim which they achieved literally minutes before she was bundled into a van and transported to the USA. Final destination the cults ranch to occupy one of the dungeons that Claire spent her puberty years growing up in.  This professional group made up of everyday men and women.  Unsung heroes that carried out their work behind the curtains of civilized society they are the transparent protection between evil and the everyday person. If you needed them you were already on your knees with no were else to turn. They remain fiction until you meet them but by that time your world would already be a horror story. Delta would only have days to formulate another plan to finish what they set out to do, which in this case was to destroy a truly evil man that was now at large. Re-grouping and gathering what resources they had left, they believed it would not be long before the world would no longer be at the mercy of this psychopathic predator.

The team discovered that the Evil being, they know as Fletchly, is not the king at the top of the hill, he is only a puppet and as a master. The Brigadier questions himself after a betrayal of a long-term friend and has Steve and Arthur recover from the explosion in Scotland. Tanya ensures they look after themselves.  The pace quickens as the puppet master uses his formidable influence to wipe out the full team. The inhalation of these good men is so close, there is no escape? The once heroes are now outlaws on the run from the Police and the government.

Steve has a choice forced upon him, which will result in…

Again the action flows, increases in momentum and the tension builds, and builds in this the second part of Steven Lewis’s outstanding trilogy which once more as you questioning ‘is this real? There is a twist involving one of the characters that you will not see coming. I didn’t – ‘awesome’. The author has such a way of leading you in from a slow every day beginning but not letting you down. There is one scene involving the English Channel that as you holding your breath. FIVE STAR READ


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Chapter 1

The recovery


1904 hours.  Apartment 44a, Kensington Place.

Tanya was in her bedroom when she heard knocking on her front door. Walking to answer, she remembered that all she was wearing was a white blouse and matching French knickers. On reaching the solid wood front door, she raised herself two inches, allowing her to glance through the security eye. She could see Steve standing on the other side of the door. Tanya smiled to herself, dropped her heels back onto the lush, thick shag pile, which ran, completely throughout her upmarket apartment.

Slightly flustered but with a smile on her face, she ran her hand through her hair and shouted.

“One second.”

Unlocking the first of four locks, Tanya realised that standing on the other side of her door was a man she wanted. He made her feel secure, feminine and surprisingly for Tanya, very relaxed when she was in his company.

She could easily mask how she felt, both to the outside world and even to Steve himself, but what Tanya was unable to disguise were the feelings and sensations he created and her yearning for physical intimacy. This was a rare experience for such a beautiful woman.

Turning the last key, the last latch dropped, she braced herself then pulled open the door and stood behind it.  Steve walked in.

“Hi Tanya, you ready?”

“Will be in a few ticks.” Tanya said while closing the door again.

Steve turning to respond to her, his eyes immediately widened and dropped to just below her waist, “excuse me” and Tanya put two of her fingers under his chin and lifted his head up to make eye contact.

“I’m here Steve,” Tanya said smiling.

“Make yourself at home there are a variety of drinks in the frindge. I won’t be long,” she said walking by him and heading to her bedroom.

Steve removed his beige leather boots on the door mat where he stood, as it just seemed totally wrong to walk on the nice carpet with any form of footwear.

Looking around he raised his voice and shouted.

“Lovely flat Tanya, really posh you have done well.”

“Thank you, glad you like it” Steve heard her reply back.

Steve’s phone started ringing, as he went to sit on a chrome stool with a black leather seat, near Tanya’s breakfast counter. He answered it.


“What time will you be getting to the hospital?” asked Dave abruptly

“We should be leaving Tanya’s in a couple of minutes, so around twenty minutes to half an hour I reckon.  Is there a problem.”

“No problem Steve, the Brigadier may still be here. I won’t be however, as I’m going back to Bradford tonight. There is a lot of stuff to sort out over the next couple of days. I’ll ring you in the Morning.” Dave abruptly ended the call but that was just his ‘military’ way. Anyone that knew him well, knew that when Dave was abrupt like this he was on form and believe me Dave was one hell of a leader and organiser.

Tanya walked through and asked, “Who was that calling?”

“Dave. He just wanted to know what time we would be arriving at the hospital, he is off back to his office and I think he doesn’t want Arthur left alone, but you know Dave he wouldn’t say that.”

“He is a good person better to know though,” answered Tanya. Steve laughed and then stood gazing at the now dressedTanya.

“What are you looking at?” Tanya asked blushing slightly.

“You look stunning; woman you really are pretty.”

Tanya was wearing a long, fluffy jumper, which came past her waist, merging with light blue tight fitting jeans and black socks. She was holding a pair of brown suede boots in one hand and a Radley leather handbag in the other.

“Behave yourself silly!” said Tanya as Steve walked by her to the door.

Just as he passed her, she smiled and said, “I love him,” to herself.

“Nice socks,” Steve commented.

Tanya lovingly hit him on the back with her Radley bag.

Outside the apartment, Tanya pulled the door too, shaking it slightly to ensure the latch had dropped.

Walking down the corridor, Steve stopped suddenly and was forced to lean on the wall because of a severe shooting pain in his lower back.

Tanya, rushing to his aid said, “Steve, are you ok?” she could tell by his pale, clammy complexion that he was in some real pain.

“I’m fine Tanya. Don’t worry.” He didn’t look at her.

Steve pushed himself off the wall and started to walk again. Tanya hooked her arm through his and bared some of his weight. “Have you got your back brace on that physio issued to you?” she asked as they walked but Steve didn’t answer.



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14th November, 15 miles outside of Dublin in a monastery owned by the Devil’s Caretakers.

Harold Fletchly was sat in a high backed Victorian chair, a couple of feet away from a raging log fire. He was sat crossed legged, writing bank account numbers on a notepad. Also in this chapel room were four of the Devil’s Caretakers, all in heavy brown monk robes, authentic to the 12th Century period, as was the rest of the flagstoned-floor room which was lit by the raging fire and several large candles. Sparsely dotted around the 420 sq ft room, the flickering lights of the candles plus the dancing flames of the fire’s light managed to illuminate several areas of the stone room. Uninvited and entering via six small stone windows was moonlight. Sharp, crisp, white light beamed from the heavens. This luxury light lit up the well-oversized vestry oak table; 14ft long, 4ft wide.

The formidable, solid table was dressed with three of the room’s candles, raised up on heavy, iron, handmade sticks. Up and down the table, place settings were laid for eight; wooden plates, silver goblets and a knife. Fragments of bread and cheese were left on the plates; all the goblets were empty of the mead and cider which had been poured from four large pot jugs.

One of the Caretakers walked over to where Fletchly was sitting, handing over the notepad to the Devil’s disciple who then slowly walked over to a corner, where sat at a large scribe’s desk was another robed figure. This one said nothing and the robes he wore were dark grey. The grey monk pointed with his long finger to a spot on the desk, tapping it several times. The notepad was placed under there. The sitting monk then grabbed a large handheld bell; 10 inch long brass domed bell, housing and dark wooden handle. Shaking the bell with his full arm, it rang three chimes. He placed the instrument back on his desk, then watched all the monks in the room stop the tasks were performing, gather in a fashion behind each other and because of their long robes trailing to the floor, it appeared the leaving monks were hovering as they left the room.

The grey monk rose from where he sat. 6ft 5”, this formidable, hooded figure walked to the large four plank oak door. Lifting and dropping the large black latch, he secured the door. He then turned to Fletchly and started to make his way over to him. As the candle light flickered, the grey monk, now only feet away from Fletchly, drew back his hood to reveal a frightening sight. The monk’s head and face on the left hand side was virtually a skeleton with a covering of transparent skin.

Fletchly stood up and placed his right hand softly on the grey monk’s face, then said, “Welcome Father. It has been a long time since we have seen each other. I feel honoured you have come to me and asked for help.”

The grey monk then knelt on one knee and kissed the back of Fletchley’s hand.

“Rise now and assist me,” instructed Fletchly, back on his feet and hovering over his former master.

The grey monk turned and walked back to his desk. Fletchly followed across the century’s old flagged floor. Upon reaching the desk, the grey monk opened his arms and took hold of each side of the desk, dragging the ancient piece of furniture away from the wall. He then pulled a sizeable iron-ring which was set into the plaster behind where the desk was originally. Pulling the ring and then turning it to the left, a loud clunking sound was heard. This released the 4ft timber panel. Fletchly, intrigued by what was happening, enquired at to what was behind the 4ft x 5ft doorway.

The grey monk, opening the panel, turned to Fletchly, saying, “You will see Father, you will see.”

Bending right over, the grey monk entered a pitch-black tunnel. Fletchly followed.

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Hospital, Room 116

Tanya entered the room and walked softly up behind Steve. She put her hand on his shoulder, moving it slightly in a comforting way. Stephen curled his arm and tapped the back of Tanya’s hand.


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