DNA and Bonfire

Cloned for Reward series

Volume three:

DNA and Bonfire

Steven Lewis UK


WOW what twists and the story grow and grow excellent ending to a fantastic trilogy please bring the team back.

Mel Harrison  Proof reader, Resident of the UK


The story Just got better and better the characters became more in depth both the good bad and ugly. I was intrigued with the story line and where it was destined to end up but when you thought you knew where it was going it turned down another ally! quiet close to the bone with political undertones that are trying to be buried today. I was genuinely sad when I realised this was the end I wanted more. This was one of the best series I have had the opportunity to read.


Don Callender  Proof reader, Resident of the UK


I thought Fletchly was an evil creature but his puppet master really made me cringe and there was probably a real person somewhere just like him. I to be honest thought this was going to be another ex-soldier having a go at writing a book when I read the beginning of Call to Duty

How was and far from the truth could I have been Steven Lewis is a great author and only getting better.


Kevin Cline   Avid Reader, Resident of the UK


I have read hundreds of clandestine books and love them, Steven Lewis’ Cloned for Reward series was excellent one of the most realistic shadow world stories I have read to date, yet at the same time he was able in my opion to equal the excitement of James Bond the stealth of many films and if your old enough to remember the professionals he pulled the humour in perfectly. I just kept thinking this would make a great film directed by Guy Ritchie.


LA Services Lewis, Resident of the UK


Read this book not normally the type of book I would read but it was recommended from a friend and I subsequently could not put it down. I am looking forward for the next book from Steven Lewis.

Leslie, Resident of the U.S.A