About the Author

Steven Lewis UK

Steven Lewis UK is the author of the Cloned for Reward series, which includes the titles, Call to Duty, Evil Walking and DNA and Bonfire. These titles have already sold internationally both as E-books and in print.  Although Steven was a late starter in writing, this has not stopped him playing catch up.  I was amazed to discover that he is dyslexic and has never read a full book. He did confess to nearly completing ‘The Hitch hikers Guide to the Galaxy,’ so I asked him, “Why that book?” his reply, “I was on bomb disposal protection duties in Northern Ireland (UK) and there was a copy of it in the cabin I was stopping in and I had nothing else to do. Although reading to me is very hard, I enjoyed what I read.  It was a really great story.”

After his wife died, it threw his life into turmoil. He became fully responsible for raising his two children in the UK, which was difficult and so he wrote a journal to escape his daily life. After a few years in the dark, he was encouraged to finish this journal, which by now was a massive PDF document. After a lot of choice words and frustration, the book became available on Amazon.  By luck, it was read by an American author who asked Steven to write some English characters for her books.  As it turned out, this American writer was a New York Times and Amazon bestselling author, and numerous sales in the UK. Steven went on to write scenes for her and another prominent author. After encouragement from both of these authors, he turned his PDF into a well-written trilogy with the help of a typist and editor. This trilogy has now borne two short story spin offs about different characters that appear in the trilogy.  The spin-off titles are Wounded and Lost.

As the son of a docker and cleaner, he was raised on the largest council estate in the UK & Europe and because of his dyslexia, struggled at school. This, in turn, forced him to leave school unofficially at the age of fourteen where he began devoting his time to fitness. At aged fifteen he sat his entry tests for the army and passed with flying colours so by the time he reached sixteen, he was away in Folkestone part of the UK at IJLB infantry junior leaders’ battalion for 42 weeks training.

Steven Lewis UK is currently working on another book very different to his trilogy and I was lucky enough to get a read of his ‘work in progress’ entitled, ‘The Truth.’ Although written under the genre fantasy, I am sure it is factual and for days, I found myself questioning where the content came from. All Steven would divulge was “I hope it makes a lot of people think but also enjoy reading.”

Although Steven Lewis UK is a new author, he already has a great following and has sold many eBooks, however he personally prefers to go down the traditional route of printed books. His Promotion Company have commissioned a national printer to complete a 50,000 run representing Steven’s, Cloned for Reward trilogy and these will be distributed around the country by Steven himself over the coming year in the UK



After several requests Steven Lewis UK is now preparing ‘Call to Duty’ first part of his Cloned for Reward trilogy, as a script for submission to Amazon Prime.